Research on Emotional Intelligence

Research on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

RocheMartin works & collaborates with world-class institutions

  • Strong academic credentials of Dr Martyn Newman enable us to partner with top institutions. His qualifications include:
     * PhD from the University of Sydney
     * MA from GTU at the University of California
     * Masters of Psychology from Monash University
     * Doctor of Psychology from La Trobe University
  • Research partnerships include Prof. John Saunders and Assoc. Prof. Ken Smith at the Australian Catholic University, and Prof. Antonio Rosado at the Technical University of Lisbon.
  • Integration of EQ into business education at Melbourne Business School, the Irish Management Institute, and most recently at IHM Business School in Sweden.

How we work with research partners

The RocheMartin Institute welcomes proposals for research initiatives and is an active collaborator with well-established professors as well as the next generation of academic talent, including PhD students and research fellows. If you'd like to explore a research partnership with RocheMartin, please send through a copy of your academic CV and your specific reseearch proposal.

Emotional intelligence is internationally relevant and has interesting applications in a diverse range of fields including executive leadership, sales effectiveness, sporting performance, cross-cultural organizational behaviour, resilience, creativity, and many more.

Whatever your specific area of interest, we are open to discussing how our Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and/or Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi) could be applied to help answer your research questions. Complimentary summary reports are made available for approved research projects.

We particularly encourage applications from international researchers willing to help translate the ECR into new languages. English, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, and French are already supported, with more on the way soon including  Portuguese (European) and Portuguese (Brazilian).

Become a Research Partner

Please reach us at .

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