What is Emotional Capital? 

Emotional Capital is the energy, enthusiasm and commitment in the hearts of everyone connected with your business. It is a vital ingredient for success in business today. 

Extraordinary leaders, who we like to call emotional capitalists, recognise that success requires focusing on more than just the traditional assets of a business, such as physical capital (bricks and mortar) and intellectual capital (patents, trademarks, and business processes). They add a new ingredient to the mix ... and achieve success by building emotional capital

Why Emotional Capital Matters
  1. Effective leadership in the workplace is the by-product of emotions (such as self-confidence, optimism, self-reliance, and enthusiasm)
  2. Emotions are valuable because they create strong relationships between organisations and their customers and employees. 
  3. Emotions and their associated behaviours can be developed and used intelligently. Unlike IQ, it's not just what you're born with!
  4. Building Emotional Capital as a HR strategy adds real value to the balance sheet 

The Emotional Capital Model

Emotional Capital is RocheMartin's own unique model of emotional intelligence. It represents a break-through in understanding and applying emotional intelligence for leadership success. 

The sections below provide an overview of the emotional capital model of EQ. 

Want to Learn More About Emotional Capital? 

Here are a few resources to help you understand Emotional Capital in more detail and how it can help drive success for both you and your organisation. 
  • Technical paper: Get the free download for an overview of the research behind the Emotional Capital model and the Emotional Capital Report (ECR).
  • Technical manual: Buy a copy of our comprehensive technical manual, with over 140 pages including the theoretical foundations of emotional capital, a detailed description of the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and how it was created, the psychometric properties of the ECR, and a guide to scoring and interpretation. 
  • Certification courses:  Find out more about our 3 day certification courses (and 2-day intensive courses). Learn how to apply the ECR, coach others, and build emotional capital in your organisation.